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(Język Angielski) Sprwdzenie poprawności zdań

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Napisano 30 lipiec 2018 - 17:24

Czy ktoś mógłby sprawdzić mi to co napisałem.


My name is Wojtek. I was born in Kraków and i live here all my life. I have a masters degree in tourism. The title of my thesis was „Tourist attractrion of Kraków in opinion of german tourists”. Last three years i worked for Kraków tourist organisation as office worker. In my free time i like fantastic and biographical books reading. I often play football with my friends.
I was responsible for current administrative and office work. I received phone calls, emails, I sent parcels and letters. I was responsible for coordinating orders and deliveries of office supplies and raw materials necessary for the operation of the facility. My tasks also included entering invoices into the system. I worked with external companies and building administration. I prepared cash reports and calculated labor costs. I was also responsible for organizing events for the company and organizing business meetings. At the end of the day, I was archiving documents.
My greatest weakness is a lack of cofidence. I’m shy and I get nervous during publick presentation. Sometimes i can’t say No. I accept to much work and then i feel stressed but I’m working on it and on my confidence. Sometimes i focus on tasks wchich are not so important and I want to do it as well as possible, but thanks to the fact I’ve learned to work on many tasks at the same time. That’s wy I can be more effective.
I think, my greatest strenght is hardworking. Before my holiday I stayed longer in my work because I didn’t want to have  backlog of work. I’m conscientious worker, that try to do tasks on time and when I set myself goals I do everything to achive tchem. On Thursdays I had to send cash raports and when I was late I stayed londger in work on Wednesday so that finished raports.
I’d love to work in team. When I organized conferences and dinner for the president, I had to work with other people and cooperate. Working in a team is often much more enjoyable and we can learn a lot from yourself.
Of course, I can work alone. When I was preparing reports and entering documents into the system, it required a lot of concentration from me.

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